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Why me? - Shemos

I was thinking this week, about life missions and why we get sent on them. The winter has pulled in at full force in Baltimore. When i open my eyes and say Modeh Ani i ask myself why can't i curl up and go back to sleep.

In the end of this weeks parsha, HASHEM and Moshe communicate and In that conversation Moshe asks HASHEM "why me" why am i the chosen one to run out of bed and Go be a leader? Every person has a job. choosing to do it is your choice, but i will give you an example which helped me.

If you had a job to be a policeman and one day you decided I am going to lazy and not do it today. that day whatever things had to be done, criminals to be caught, wouldn't be done and you would be liable.

Hopefully this helps to explain that every person is chosen a job exactly to their talent and HASHEM knows everybody's strengths and weaknesses. Please continue to do your job and bring Moshiach now!

Good Shabbos

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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