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Enough Is Enough - Shemos

It is so frustrating how sometimes nothing seems to work out, days or even weeks waste away with nothing to show for it. Where does our faith in those moments go? How will we know everything will turn out alright? The answer lies in a piece I studied from The Rebbe. The Rebbe explains that each person should feel the energy from a tiny Mishkan within them and therefore use it to be a monument of faith just like the real Mishkan was!

It feels like every time I read the parsha something negative seems to be happening against the Jewish people. In the case of Parshas Shemos Pharoah decreed to take all the Jewish boys and throw them into the Nile as they were born. Practically imagine having pride, joy and hard work ripped from your hands. How does a person still feel good? 

The answer lies in a lesson. Life can sometimes be rocky. For example, sometimes when a road is first built, the excess rocks breaks holes in the passing tires. Therefore, we ignore the new highway and only focus on the pain it causes. Unfortunately the Yetzer harah put those rocks in front of us, just as he convinced Pharaoh to make the decree to throw the babies in the Nile. Enough is enough! The time is now, Everyone stand up and defeat the Yetzer Harah! Let us take on one thing this week and by doing so start the process of transforming the Yetzer Harah  and by doing so, transform the world!

Happy Geulah Day! Moshiach Now Good shabbos All the best Avroham Y Ross

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