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Ask Questions and get answers - Shemos

This week I spent a lot of time confronting some of the more confusing ideas that have been on my mind. To be more specific, I often wondered why I have been placed into certain situations beyond my knowledge or control? Why am I here and what is the point of this experience? I came across my answer in this week's parsha when Moshe encounters a burning bush that was miraculously burning, but not being consumed. Moshe realized the uniqueness of the bush, especially when Hashem started speaking with him through it. This is where Hashem tells Moshe that he has to go to pharaoh and ask for his people to be freed. Moshe responded, “Why are you choosing me?” “Why am I in this situation?” With the belief that Hashem is the sole (soul) Creator and that He works through Hashgacha pratis, Moshe's response brought me the clarity that I was seeking. If I am on this earth and put into unknown situations, it is simply because Hashem wants me to be there. Another explanation is that we are tasked with carrying out His mission on earth in the same way that Moshe is tasked with his mission from Hashem. Despite not feeling comfortable in most of these situation, I learned that our mission will ultimately lead to what is in our best interest. The harder the mission, the more light we draw into this world. So, let's resolve to make a home for Hashem by fulfilling his missions and, by doing so, hastening the final redemption! Moshiach now!

All the best

Avrohom Y Ross

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