Religous Procrastination - Devarim

In recent years, davening has become very difficult for me. There were times where I convinced myself that when I get to a certain age or situation, I'll become better at it. I was talking with my cousin about this and we decided that this problem is called religious procrastination. The reason is because this is very similar to regular procrastination. When you procrastinate doing homework, it gets pushed off until it doesn't happen. The same is true with religious procrastination in that you just tell yourself that you'll do everything at a certain time but that generally doesn't happen either.

In this week's parsha, due to the impending death of Moshe, he started his repetition of the torah. During this time, Moshe urged the Jewish people that when they get to the land of Eretz Yisrael, they should keep all the laws out of respect for the land and for Hashem who is giving it to them. The idea isn't that when they cross the river into Eretz Yisrael, they will start doing all the mitzvos. Instead, they will work towards it in the coming weeks and, when Moshe passes away and we go into Eretz yisrael, we will be doing every mitzvah naturally.

When the Jewish people were told to do the mitzvos in honor of entering the land of Israel, they weren't expected to do it all at once. Therefore, in a case where we are struggling with a specific mitzvah (or mitzvos as a whole), we can be comfortable about taking it one step at a time. Ultimately, if we try to do every mitzvah in one moment without getting to know what each one means or why we do them, getting motivated can become very difficult which is one reason why we may push it off. I believe the lesson to take from this is that if we start doing one mitzvah today and tomorrow we'll do another, eventually we will be able to keep every mitzvah to its utmost! Join me this week as we take on more mitzvos and bring moshiach!

Good shabbos

All the best

Avrohom Y Ross

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