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Slow and steady wins the race!

Unfortunately, over the past few months, I have had a busier schedule due to the virus and I have not had an opportunity to consistently write a weekly Dvar Torah. Recently, as I tried to get back into writing, I found myself overwhelmed because of the high standards I set for myself and unmotivated because I wasn't able to achieve those standards.

A few months ago, my friend approached me regarding learning a Maamar from the Rebbe with him. Although I was very interested, the thought of commiting to learn every single night seemed like a lot. Instead of focusing on the big picture, I just focused on learning for a short time during that individual day. As time went on, we started learning every night and over time we finished five Maamarim.

It's safe to assume that when you have a huge mountain to climb, life can seem overwhelming and tough. However, if you take life one step at a time, then you can complete any goal. During this week, join me in doing a small good deed. Hopefully, with all the small good deeds, together, we can bring about a massive transformation causing the ultimate redemption to happen immediately.

Good Shabbos!

All the best

Avrohom Yehudah Ross

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