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The Tefillin Squad

Do you put on tefillin every day? Is it ever hard to put them on? Do you sometimes need some extra motivation? Mitzvos can often have negative peer pressure or consequences associated with them. For me, I struggle with putting on tefillin consistently. However, when I see my friends smiling while putting on their tefillin, it inspires me to do the same. In April 2018, I created a google drive folder called "Tefillah Snapshots" and we started to post pictures. In November 2018, the Tefillin Squad was created on WhatsApp with one goal in mind: change the peer pressure from negative to positive and become motivated together to put on tefillin. Since then, we have become a dedicated and supportive group of friends who encourage each other to do a good deed every day. When it gets tough, we turn to each other for inspiration and support, knowing that we are all in this together. This group means the world to me because It takes an idea, (tefillin) and shows that sometimes normal people struggle also. 

Join the Tefillin Squad! 

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