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True Joy! - Beha-Alos-Cha

Sometimes, the weapons we are using to fight against evil don’t work properly. While thinking about this, I was learning the fourth perek of pirkei avos. In the first mishna, Ben Zoma says: Who is the rich one? He who is happy with his lot, as it says, “Not only will you be happy in this world but in the world to come!” Even if the things that God gave us don't work to the fullest according to our perspective, at least we have them.

In this week's parsha, the Yidden in the desert complained to Moshe continually about the lack of meat. When Moshe got tired of the complaining, he told Hashem who gave them more meat then they could handle. As it says “I will give them meat until it comes out from their noses.”

The lesson we can take from this is that sometimes life is hard. Sometimes, Hashem gives us a rope to grasp but the rope is slippery because it seems frayed. Our mission is to be happy with that rope and use it to the fullest potential. Let's use the weapons we have now to bring Moshiach!

Good shabbos

Moshiach Now

All the best!

Avroham Y Ross

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