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Finding hope through spirituality!

Over the last few weeks, I had the opportunity to facilitate a group in Kadima on the topic of finding hope through spirituality. For the first few weeks, I focused primarily on spirituality, but for this past week, I transitioned to talking specifically about hope. In our conversations about hope, we spoke about some of our dreams, aspirations, inspirations, and struggles in which hope is used constantly.

At this point, I remembered an analogy about monkeys that I felt was applicable. There were once two zookeepers that decided to try and see if a monkey could build a house. One zookeeper went to the monkey cage and told the monkeys about his plans of building the house using the most elaborate words possible. The other zookeeper showed the monkeys through a small model house how the monkey should lay the bricks. After a few minutes, they met to see what the progress was and found that the monkeys were minimally receptive to the verbal instructions but very receptive to the visual ones. Even though it would take the monkeys a long time to complete the house because they were animals, they still got further than just listening. Trying and potentially failing, got them further than just talking and doing nothing.

I believe that doing is better than talking although when we do actions we face many more challenges along the way. In the example of visiting a gym. If I were to go and pick up a 1-pound weight, I would not be challenging myself and therefore not gain any muscle, but if I struggle to lift 50 pounds, then over time it would be harder but I would gain more muscle.

Join me this week by adding one practical action to completing our goals through conquering our challenges. I hope that we will all be successful by causing the transformation of this world and completing the ultimate goal of bringing Moshiach right now!

Avroham Y

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