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Ride the waves - Shemos

Last shabbos I was reading a sicha from the Rebbe which was talking about golus. It said something, that I can hold close when i am feeling down.

In this weeks parsha, parshas Shemos, the bnie yisroel go into golus. Pharoh takes advantage of us not having a leader, being vulnerable to everything was his only power. The sicha states that during the next few parshiyos we go through a tough time. A time of being cheated and beaten. But in the end it all leads to the greatest redemption of that time and Soon god willing ours too.

Let's take from this a lesson, don't get talked into something by someone who doesn't control your life. You control your life the way you want it. Let's all fight through this together and come through together so that when we do the world will be a better place for moshiach right now!

Good shabbos to all 

All the best 

Moshiach now

Avroham Y Ross

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