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Our redemption - Parashat Tazria-Metzora

In the passed little while if we talk current events there has been a really bad deal going on and it consists of a nuclear bomb. WE NEED REDEMPTION. The reason I bring this up is because in this weeks parsha  the Talmud and likutie sichos say something that can very easily connect with what is happening. This weeks parsha, parshas tazria the Talmud states that if all government becomes heretical mashiach will come and likutie sichos writes that  there are two ways the sign of redemption could be seen the first is  If the world and the people become so corrupt that hashem is forced to redeem the world or positively if the world becomes so refined that it is clear that any government is corrupt hashem will step in so to speak and bring mashiach

We all have a job some have a mission others do it anyway but we all should want to bring mashiach. This should be a life long mission starting with yourself (what did I do to help bring mashiach today) golus is destroying us bit by bit and if we need to fight back. With that I want to meet you in yerushaliam !!!

MASHIACH NOW All the best Good shabbos Avroham y Ross

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