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All or nothing - Tazria

This past Friday, I was talking to my great grandfather when he told me the following story; “When I was eighteen, I wanted to become frum. In an effort to help me, my parents were willing to make the house more welcoming. The caveat they made was that if I didn't take advantage of the tools, I would be forced to move out.”

In this week’s parsha, Hashem commanded Moshe to tell the Jewish people about the many mitzvos that a person could do. We don't need to do all the mitzvos in order to fulfill this command but we need to do the mitzvos we can with our utmost effort.

Our mission on earth is to make a place for Hashem. The only way to make that happen is to continue with our full effort. Join me this week as we take the idea of using our full potential to bring about the coming of Moshiach immediately.

Good Shabbos

All the best

Avrohom Y Ross

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