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Our Heroes - Bahalosecha

Many television shows and movies use fictitious ideas and characters to inspire society to be like them. For example, it's Superman trying to save the world, or Batman who takes out the criminal underworld. In the real world, we have genuine, real-life heroes like Rabbi Kamenetzky a”h, who helped lay the foundation of the Five Towns/Far Rockaway community. Or the Rebbe who sent hundreds of shluchim around the world. There are many more that I have not mentioned who are nonetheless deserving of praise for inspiring the world to grow the way it has.

In this week’s parsha, Parshas Bahalosecha, Hashem commanded Moshe to light the Menorah’s lowlier, smaller lights with the flame aimed toward the center higher one. This idea gave me insight into the world. This world is made up of a general public, which could be defined as the biggest candle, comprised of every single person’s hard work. When each person does acts of goodness and kindness, we are taking part in the bigger flame. When we light all the lights together, it illuminates the world.

We can use those tiny flames to create one enormous light that brightens the entire world. We can use the inspirational stories of the past to create our own stories going forward. This week let’s use the inspiration we find in others to illuminate the world.

Moshiach NOW

Good shabbos!

All the best

Avroham Yehudah Ross

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