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Money is the key to success mitzvos are the key to happiness! - Re'eh

Do you ever have a problem where you don't want to give your money to tzedaka because it was just hard to earn?

The Torah commands us to give tzedakah with an open heart. The Torah then addresses the natural feelings that comes with giving away your hard earned money. To those feelings, Hashem says 'don't worry about giving away your money, because with that very act you will merit blessing from Hashem'. The merit of tzedakah is never lost and it is always at the side of the giver. The sefer Penine Kedem finds an allusion to this idea within the word tzedakah. There is a rule called 'at bash' which allows one to swap certain letters in the aleph beis. For example you can change an aleph for a taf, a beis for shin, a gimmel for a reish and so on. If you take the letters that make up the word tzedakah (tzadi, daled, kuf, hei) and you follow the 'at bash' rule you will end up with the same letters, albeit in a different order. This hint just further proves the power of tzedakah that its merit stays and it isn't lost over time.

Hopefully with the power of tzedaka if we all work on this together, we can make easier the rest of the avodah and god willing bring mashiach. Speedily!

Good shabbos

All the best! Avroham Y Ross

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