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If You Fall Down The Mountain, Keep Climbing! - Re’eh

I would like to bring you back a few years to a pretty difficult time. About three years ago I had a really tough time keeping goals. The question is, why should it be any different now? The answer is that now, I am comfortable enough that if I lose a personal battle, I can keep one mindset throughout. During that time i was on an uphill battle, personally, and l kept losing. For people who may not know what losing in a personal fight means- let me explain.

Every day a person generally sets themselves up with a goal on what to work on. This goal sometimes comes with a schedule or even a expectation of the way the day is gonna go. For example, if a person has in mind to wake up at 7:00 am, learn for three hours, express themselves to ten people and go to sleep at exactly 10:02 pm. That is his/her personal battle for the day. But then if a person only completes a quarter of that, the mindset is lost. He/she can get very frustrated for not being able to complete it. When i lost a personal battle like the one mentioned above, I thought I was letting the world down. It is hard to win every day so I fell into a deep hole, this is how I got out! In my recent research over the past two years, i taught myself not to get brought down by not reaching goals but to feel stronger because I tried!

This week's parsha, Parsha's Re’eh. We read a part that is read on the last day of pesach, (My bar mitzvah!). During my bar mitzvah parsha it says something that is priceless to me till today. It says “A Temple should be established in a place that HASHEM can make His name dwell there.” What does this mean and why do I value such a posuk? The answer is that this posuk should be a goal setter for each and every one of us. Let me explain how.

When a person wakes up and does their regular routine of setting up goals and making a schedule they should have certain things in mind. The first thing is that no matter how the day goes, it was another chance to do better than yesterday! The second thing comes straight out of this posuk. Not only should a person make their life like a home for HASHEM, but make it a home for themselves. When you are comfortable with yourself and where you are, you are considered comfortable. This way we can successfully meet any goal! Let's use this drive and energy from getting comfortable, even in the darkest places, to break the barriers and make our hardest goals to fulfill into reality! Lets change the world TOGETHER!

Mashiach NOW ALL THE BEST GOOD SHABBOS Avroham Yehudah Ross

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