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Hidden In Plain Sight! - Re'eh

As most camps wind down and that seemingly forgotten idea known as school comes into view again, this gave me an idea. During the days following each school year, we take the idea of school and put it in a different, unreachable place. When it is out of sight and mind, we make believe it isn't there. At the end of each summer, it comes back without fail. It reminds me of an epidemic that wasn't properly contained and kept coming back.

This week's Parsha is Parshas Re’eh. In this Parsha, Moshe continues to tell us halachos we need every day. He warned us specifically towards the improper philosophy of a false prophet. He also instructed us that anytime one is to appear, we are to immediately destroy it. Although school isn't bad like an epidemic or a false prophet, school is something that does keep coming back.

In a world so full of darkness, seemingly every time an individual gets rid of something that contains the darkness, it finds its way back. The mission for this week and furthermore, this year, is to take the darkness by the neck and show it the door. Realistically, this means to find something in your life which you know will bring you down and destroy it just as Moshe said to do with the false prophet.

Moshiach Now

Have an awesome shabbos!

All the best,

Avroham Y Ross

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