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Cherish The Time That You Have! - Chayei Sarah!

The weeks are flying by! I signed up for a half marathon a couple of months ago but it feels like yesterday. Sometimes, in an empty moment, there is an opportunity to see inspiration in the world and take advantage of it. This is a big reason why I signed up for the marathon. Until recently, I was lost on how to complete the goal of actually running and was feeling down about it. Last Shabbos, Hashem heard my voice and actions are being done every day to make this dream a reality. Going forward, be sure to know that Hashem longs to hear your voice anytime and in every situation!

Reading Parshas Chayei Sarah made me realize that, while you still have the time, you have to put all your effort into the actions that are important. Sarah had a life full of accomplishments because she took action rather than leaving her thoughts as thoughts. That is what changed her life and the life of Avrohom.

Imagine having ten minutes to express every feeling possible to a loved one who passed on physically. During that precious time, you would already have everything prepared and laid out exactly how you would say it or what you'd ask for. And yet, every day, we all spend hours not acting on the priorities or the issues that we need to in order to survive.

Chai Lifeline, like many organizations B”H, give each kid and their family moments to cherish in those hard times. If you think Monday is hard because of traffic, people are sitting in hospitals being kept alive by expensive treatments and medicine. That is why I signed up to run the Marathon and raise money for these people.

Let's all take a lesson from this as a whole. In order to get to your goal, you have to open your eyes to the inspiration in the world and maybe call out to Hashem in order to get it done. We learn from Sarah that life wasn't filled with experiences just by sitting there but instead by working at whatever it was. We learn that time is very precious and we need to create an environment that is worth it. Finally, we have to embrace the possible scenario of Moshiach coming and being returned to our loved ones for all time.

Good shabbos

Moshiach Now

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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