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Hope helps the world - Vayigash

In the passed almost two years, i have had the greatest joy and pleasure of writing this email every week. Due to some minor problems over time I missed a few weeks. I hope that in the future when I do miss a week I can still have a amazing shabbos without the feeling of letting "my world come crashing down."

In this week's Parsha, Parshas Vayigash. Yaakov Avinu is forced to send Binyamin down to Egypt . After Yosef was gone,  Yaakov Avinu cherished Binyamin  the most. Yaakov was in tremendous pain from the loss of Yosef. He tore something from his heart and let it go, with the hope and prayers that Yosef would return in the near future. 

In life we have choices to make every second. As long as were alive we have choices. My message to you is, no matter what difficult choices you are faced with,  don't let your world crash and destroy. Keep your head up my friends, dont let the darkness of the world haunt you but let the light of chanuka bring you back. Lets pay  that light can fix the world and help us In our mission of bringing moshiach. 

Moshiach now 

Good shabbos 

Avroham ross

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