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Draw A Masterpiece With Confidence! - Vayigash

This past motzei shabbos, some family and I got together for a paint night. I stared at the blank canvas with ideas flying through my brain. As a writer, I experience this every week when I sit to write a new entry. All the different possibilities (words, colors, etc.) show themselves in order to be used in just the right way. Finally, after doing some variety of the ideas, how do we know that the picture that we’re painting, whether it be with words or paints, will turn out well?

This week's parsha is Vayigash. In this parsha, Yaakov prepared to meet up with his brother for the first time in a long time. For most of us, when we see our brothers for the first time in a while, the event is filled with joy. However, this same type of reunion was wracked with doubts and fears. Yaakov was thinking “What is going to happen”?

History played out and my family drew some beautiful paintings. “Our nation prospered” and I now have a beautiful masterpiece which I can hang in my room. The other colors, while beautiful in their own right, weren't used whatever reason. The answer to the question is that Yaakov used his tremendous faith. We have this same faith and belief within us as his ancestors. This is the faith that your decisions will work themselves out and bring you to draw a masterpiece or have a peaceful meeting with a long lost brother. On that note, let us all bring about the coming of Moshiach and thus be reunited with our brothers in heaven!

Good Shabbos

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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