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Mighty Waters - Rosh Chodesh Nissan

During the month of Nissan, we all need to anxiously await moshiach. Nissan is the month of geulah so therefore moshiach is a more tangible dream. The problem is that, until now, (for me at least) I feel like I have been let down and that the excitement is starting to dry out. During this past week, I started learning a Chassidic discourse called Mayim Rabim (mighty waters). This Maamer talks about the power of worry regarding worldly matters versus the intrinsic love a Jew has for Hashem. For example, a person can be worried about money and be invested in their livelihood and still be completely connected to the idea that Hashem is in full control and he will be taken care of. What the Rebbe is teaches is that even the strongest worry and most physical things can't extinguish the love that we have for Hashem. It’s true that Hashem promised us that He would bring moshiach. That's why I am able to happily await for the day to come year after year. The Yetzer hara who represents the mighty water brings his waters of worry and tries to make us doubt the inevitable. The Rebbe explains that we don't need to worry because our love for Hashem is very strong. The only way to make that bond stronger and really not worry is to build a house for Hashem on earth using Torah and mitzvos. This way, we can merit to see the redemption speedily and get rid of the yetzer hara for good! Good Shabbos All the best! Avroham Y Ross

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