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Living Responsibly- Noach

Imagine getting a chance to drive a brand new Lamborghini! Although this car has almost limitless power, a person would probably be extremely cautious while driving the car out of fear of any minor but expensive damages that could occur.

In parshas Noach, the world showed so much potential and yet, all the people living during that time chose to do terrible things and damage it! The same way an expensive car owner would take the car from you if you were driving recklessly, Hashem took the world from the irresponsible people living there.

The lesson to take from this example would be to live (drink?) responsibly with the world that Hashem gave us. The same way someone who owns an expensive car wouldn't do anything to damage it, so too we should try to take the utmost care of what Hashem gave us! In this way, we can elevate the sparks and bring Moshiach right now!

Good Shabbos! All the best! Avroham Y Ross

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