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Home Makeover? - Noach

I was thinking recently about the idea of getting a home makeover. So I went to my brother to ask his opinion. He explained that it wasn't a home makeover that he wanted but just certain parts. In this weeks parsha we read about the biggest physical destruction that happened to the world the mabul. The mabul was a huge flood and it destroyed the whole world besides for the taiva and all its passengers. Now let's take a minute to think, if a person has a property with a house that is 1 mile long that house is considered a mansion and a huge property. Now if a person's property isn't being taken care of and gets ruined. Then the house and property should be re-modeled and the good parts should remain.

In this weeks parsha thats what happened, their was a generation that wasn't a good one, HASHEM needed to start the world over so noach and his family went on the taiva because HASHEM decided to save the most righteous person and all the animals thereafter noach and his family built the world from scratch.and we left only the good stuff. We are the people occupying the world right now and its our job to help keep the world spiritually clean and help noach to his goal to end golus and start geulah!

Good Shabbos

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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