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Lets keep this world positive - Tazria

Parshas tazria shows us the consequences of using inspiration negatively. Here is a mashal that really helped me to clarify on how to channel and use my inspiration.

There was a wealthy man in a small, non wealthy town. One day he decided to give each of the two poorest people in the town a large sum of money to help them get on their feet. Poor Guy #1 took the money and gave his children everything they always wanted. But as all things go, the money ran out and he soon ended up back to where he started. Poor Guy #2 decided to take the initiative to  invest his money. He didn't buy anything special and didn't hopelessly spend it. After a few months, with the help of HASHEM, this man became very successful and wealthy.  A few months later one guy was bankrupt and the other guy was soaring richer every day. About a month later this wealthy businessman who gave the money in the first place went to the poor guy to ask for his money back but didn't go to the rich man. My question is why didn't he go to the former poor guy who could sustain this loss of money? The answer is with a example of the Ribono Shel Olam.

HASHEM gives us inspiration throughout the day. There are two types of people to receive it though. One person that uses the inspiration and one that does not. The one who does, gets more and more inspiration in the future. The one who sits and doesn't use it has it taken from him, just like in the story.

The lesson is, that inspiration can give us a boost. Hearing a story from someone can give us a jump. BUT, those things always fade. If you throw a bird into the air, and it doesn't flap its wings, it's just gonna fall. Everything we have in life uses that same boost.  Everything is short lived unless we invest it for the future.

Our mission is to capitalize on this short lived inspiration or happiness so we can use that strength to change our lives and the world forever for the good!

Good Shabbos

All the best!

Avroham Y Ross

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