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Leaving one home for another - Re'eh

When I walk into a house of a new friend, family member, or a random person, there is always a new rule that I never knew about or thought ever existed which they easily put into affect. In this week's parsha, we have new rules laid out for us. In the first case, the Jewish people are about to go into the holy land that we  have been waiting to go into for so long. Of course there were new rules to be followed. Following rules in all settings is of great importance. Lets take the rules that we as human beings are charged to follow seriously in an effort bring Moshiach NOW. In about a week and 3 days I am leaving New York and going to a different state for high school. I will have to adapt to a new environment with of course new rules. It will almost be like a whole new life. I love writing, and I hope to continue doing so for as long as I am physically able to do so. Good Shabbos,  Mashiach now  Avroham Y Ross

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