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Today my camp went to a roller rink! In the roller rink I must have seen one of my campers fall 75 times, as I slowly tried to aid him around the rink. My point is not to tell you about the fact that he fell so many times, rather that he got up just as many times.

For the past few days i have seen reports about two really big YouTube stars who have gone through a lot of hardship and pain to get to where they are today. Although it isn't the same situation of physically falling, it shows that everyone falls no matter the group. What is my point? In both circumstances these people have worked very hard to get to where they are. In life we fall many times over, but we have to come to the realization at some point it's time to get up and be stronger. I feel that by standing up stronger as a simple yid, I can influence someone no matter where they are spiritually and physically.

A situation unfolded in this week's Torah portion, Parshas Pinchas, as follows. Pinchas started out as an “underrated” person. He had a little bit of anger and he was the stereotypical crazy older brother. I say that he had, because he changed! Pinchas fell many times due to specific circumstances. But he became one of the greatest people! In my case, my camper fell because he didn't have balance even though he kept getting back up. In the case of the YouTube stars the fall could have been due to depression or lack in other areas. We all fall down, but it is our job to get up stronger and show our true colors.

As we move on to another week in this amazing summer! I would like to propose an appreciation project. If you see someone who is under appreciated, or if you feel under appreciated speak up! Make someone who fell, feel like a million dollars, furthermore we should show people that we can love our fellow friend no matter what!

Mashiach Now

Good Shabbos

All The Best

Avroham Y Ross

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