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Dear Captain! - Pinchas

Now that the summer is here, I can finally embrace my favorite activity, baseball. When someone looks at a baseball team, they see a captain who leads the team and makes sure the spirits are high. Some may ask why it is so important to appoint a captain when all you're doing is playing sports. The answer is that a good captain takes responsibility for each team member. He/she also helps each individual person by setting a good example. You may ask what baseball has to do with Parshas Pinchas. Here is your answer.

In this week's Parsha, Parshas Pinchas, we celebrate someone standing with pride and showing the nation a good example. That is what this week's Parsha has to do with baseball. While a regular person may not have killed Zimri (The Midianite prince), Pinchas did, and he was rewarded for it. While a regular person might not stand up, take responsibility and motivate the team during a bad game, the captain will.

Everyday we have the ability to be like Pinchas. You and I have the ability to be a captain or a leader. Instead of sitting in the shadows and watching the world collapse like a slowly dying baseball game, revitalize it and transform the world. I hope to hear what you did this week to be a captain. This way we can transform the world and be reunited with all our loved ones!

Moshiach Now

All the best.

Good Shabbos,

Avroham Y Ross

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