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Break The String And Pop One Mitzva At A Time! - Ki Setzei

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

Imagine you're a balloon, filled to the brim with helium. But in this case you are attached to a string and this string holds you down to the ground, not letting you fly away. One day, you find the key to success and you break the string so you now can fly freely. This mashal relates to my life. In the past few months I have taken a lot of time to talk about breaking free from the negativity and increasing the positivity. I think about this idea very often because it is something I deal with every day. The same way you break away from the string and fly free, is exactly the same way I feel after so many months of struggling! Life is about finding the positivity in everything, no matter how impossible it may seem. In this week's parsha, Parshas Ki Setzei, we have an opportunity to read 74 of the 613 positive commandments. It doesn't just tell you what to do, as i mentioned last week. But in these commandments, there is opportunity.  Every day we have a chance to do all 613 mitzvos and every day we have a chance to learn something new about each one of those 613 mitzvos. In my opinion using all the mitzvos positively is what breaks you free from any devastation. If breaking away with all the potential is your goal then let's take on one mitzva you struggle with, together. In the next few months I would like you to join me as I take on one mitzva at a time. This should also to relate to helping one person at a time and then the world all together! Lets use the momentum of thousands of years in golus to propel us through every challenge and bring Mashiach now! I would like to dedicate the publication of this email in memory of Chaya Ahuva bas Avroham Eliezer, her neshamah should have lots of zechusim and we should be together today! Mashiach Now! Have an amazing shabbos All the BEST! Avroham Yehudah Ross

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