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Break The Bubble! - Seitzie

Summer is officially over. I spent the summer in Florida, Monticello, the Five Towns, Boston, Lakewood, and now, Morristown, NJ. Now that Elul is here, it is time to buckle down and take a break from travelling for a little bit. It is well known that the month of Elul is a time when the King is in the field. A time we can go out and connect to Him without any barriers. Since this is a metaphor, we have to find a way to implement it realistically.

This week's parsha is Ki Seitzei. It is very fitting that this parsha is very close to Rosh Chodesh Elul, a time where we are encouraged to go out of our shell to meet the King of Kings!

It is also very fitting that the week of this parsha I am starting by a new yeshiva which gives me more of a chizuk to up my avoda and meet the King in my own way. The dilemma though, is still how to make that a reality.

Have you ever heard the expression, “Life doesn't revolve around your finger”? This expression is very peculiar because according to common knowledge this would be said to someone who wants everything to be done for them, based around their needs. If this expression is looked at differently, though, it can be translated that the world revolves around you because you are in the middle spinning it.

In this month, the solution for how to put this into practice is to step out of our comfort bubble and help revolve the world around us. If we use a negatively intended phrase and we turn it into a positive movement we will be able to connect to Hashem in full. May we go out to greet Hashem with all of our loved ones with the coming of moshiach!

Moshiach Now

Have an amazing shabbos

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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