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Be A Lamplighter! - Behaalosecha

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

The first week of one’s summer is the stepping-stool to the next year. This week is one of those once in a lifetime weeks for me. I started working as a conseler in a camp! Not to go into too many details, but a situation happened to me this week which made me smile about the next generation! The camp went on a trip yesterday and the place we went to had a rock climbing wall. My campers being the youngest bunk, I didnt think would end up trying it or even climing very high. About an hour into the trip one of my campers came up to me and said, "I wanna try the wall, and not only that im gonna make it to the top!!" The amount of determination that I saw in this child's eyes will stay with me in all areas of my life- even when I'm not so passionate about doing something.

A short message the Rav of my shul said was that a person who doesn't want to do something recieves double or even triple the reward if he does it. But a person who has motivation from the beginning till the end, WOW! (Find him and I wanna sit next to and copy him all day!)

In the end, this holy neshama, the child who happens to be in MY bunk, didn't make it to the top. He tried and tried. He fought like a warrior, every time he fell, he got back up and tried again! It was my pleasure to watch this scenario and take chizuk from it. Now I hope I can deliver it in a fashion that people sitting at home all over the world can also! 

In this weeks Parsha, Parsha’s Behaalosecha, we read about lighting the menorah in the Bais Hamigdash! Going from the shammas to the last candle, watching as the flames flicker on! 

The kids that you see in front of you are the next candle to this world’s existence. If a person has a chance to share a message, a  thought or even a posuk with a young budding “candle”, you have just changed the world! 

I hope, wish, and pray that among the transformation of this world we can merit to see the ultimate goal. Along with that i would like to extend an invitation to please add something to your personal davening in the merit of Sharone Devorah bas Gittel Dina and Yehoshua ben Nechama Aliza, to stay as healthy as possible with a refua shelaima.

Mashiach Now 

All The best

Avroham Y Ross

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