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Are you ready for mashiach! - Ki Seitzei

A lot of people have children. They can be nice sometimes, and at other times this might not be the case. There is another aspect of children we will look at, and that's their behavior. On one hand there are kids that are pleasant and do everything that there asked. There are others that could be the REBELLIOUS type, which i will now mention.

In this weeks parsha, Parshas Ki Seitzei, it says a rebellious child, a "Ben scorer u'morer", is someone who steals, drinks lots of wine, lots of meat, and doesn't listen to his parents. It is stated in this weeks parsha that the reason such a child is born is because the father married a "yifas tohar" and both parents dont have any respect for themselves and that's why they have to cope with a very heavy consequences for his behavior. Why does anybody have to even go through this? Being in the "rebellios bubble" is hard for the rebbel and those who deal with him. It is worthy to note that no such person was ever put to death, although it is pretty certain that such a person existed at least once in Jewish history.Bad decisions make a big deal on life so lets make the right ones.

Mashiach NOW!!

Good shabbos

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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