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A lesson of cake! - Pinchas

A little while ago I was playing a game on my computer in my family it is called the cake game. This game worked as follows there was a conveyor belt with a pan and different ingredients over head. Next to that was a sign that said exactly which ingredients were supposed to use for each specific cake. Every cake different but they all have the same root ingredients.

We are slowly approaching the 9 days Tisha ba'av, A time that the Rebbe said we should lessen our simcha. But not that we should be depressed god forbid on the contrary. We just shouldn’t do certain things that will give us physical pleasure like music, haircut etc. The only thing that was destroyed was the bais hamikdash of wood and stone. but never will they be able to destroyed the spiritual bais hamikdash in all jewish people.

Every jewish person is different with all kinds of toppings but all jewish people have one thing in common, the neshama. Just like cakes have a root ingredient so do we, If only we could link every single spiritual bais hamikdash together and build one big one where we can all rejoice together with mashiach.

Mashiach now

All The Best

Avroham Y Ross

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