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Your Opinion Counts! - Beshalach!

Feedback is a very important resource to have when collecting information in any facet in life. Thanks to the cyclical nature of feedback, I'm able to perceive the way that people react and my subsequent response.

Recently, I was thinking of a person who asks a question and studies your reaction. If you don't respond correctly or with a meaningful answer to the question, the person asking won’t know what you are thinking or how to proceed. Unfortunately, the result is that we sometimes give answers unthinkingly thereby generally ruining or misrepresenting the expected feedback to the request.

In parshas Beshalach, we read about the last appearance of Pharaoh. His last encounter with the Jewish people demonstrated this exact scenario. Moshe says “let the Jews go” and Pharaoh gave the answer in which he gave full permission to the Jewish people to leave his custody. Shortly after, we read that we were being chased right to the edge of the Yam Suf!

A lesson we can take from Moshe and Pharaoh is that we should try to represent our feelings better. If life is about gathering and giving proper information to inform and guide others then we should do our best to present our answers properly and not change it. We have had an age-old question and I would like YOU to help me confidently answer it! The question is when will this golus end bringing MOSHIACH and reuniting us with our loved ones?!

Wish me luck on bringing Moshiach today and the marathon this Sunday!

Have an amazing shabbos!

All the best!

Avroham Y Ross

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