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Open The Gates! _ Yom Kippur!

Sometimes, it seems like life is spiraling out of control. One may ask, “What do I look at for advice? How do I proceed?” A simple answer would be to take advantage of the times when Hashem is close to us. Yom Kippur is during the period that enables a person to pour out their hearts in a way that connects more deeply to the entire upcoming year. Pouring out your heart now will help for today but what about when Yom Kippur isn't essentially now and Hashem isn't so close?

When the Bais Hamikdash was destroyed, the gates of tefillah in heaven were sealed shut. In the gemara in Bava Metzia, it says that the one gate which stayed open is the gate of tears. Hashem, our Father, wants to stay connected to His children. Therefore, if we use the gates of tears to connect with Hashem and break all other boundaries (just like simcha so with simcha) then, when Yom Kippur comes and the gates of tefillah are opened, Hashem will send moshiach and keep them wide open forever!

Moshiach Now

Good Shabbos

Avroham Y Ross

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