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Stay Motivated - Rosh Hashana

The start of a new year is exciting, that rush of adrenaline is invigorating. But what happens when that adrenaline wears off? When your amazing job isn't exciting anymore or the class you are taking becomes too hard?

Rosh Hashana is next week, the start of a new year! Chassidus teaches that Elul is a time which we do our work from below in order for Hashem to return the work later on in the year. The reason we should continue working even when something becomes hard, is because Hashem is always right there to guide us.

Sometimes in life we have lots of energy. So during that time we gotta lay the groundwork towards staying inspired in the hard moments. Let's face the final golus days together with simcha because Moshiach is almost here and we will be back in yerushaliam soon.

Moshiach Now

All the best

Avrohom Y Ross

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