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You can't stop us now! - Va'eira

Lets imagine a child who got picked on in school. This kids life was miserable with no sign of stopping. One day a older boy came to the rescue by taking this young child  under his wing. He shielded him from every problem and taught him how to survive on his own. Because of this older boy this once young child is very successful. 

In this weeks parsha parshas Va`eira we have the same kind of thing. During the beginning of this parsha we are getting ruthlessly beaten just like this child was, then HASHEM stepped in. HASHEM shielded us from the darkness, he fought back against the evil and taught us things which will stick around forever.

These days we have a problem, most of the world is corrupt and we are fighting darkness every single day. HASHEM Taught us well in that generation now it's the turn of the elders to teach us in this generation, let's keep fighting and bring Moshiach.

Good shabbos 

Moshiach Now

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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