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Happy Geulah Day! - Days Of Moshiach!

A couple of weeks ago, as I was thinking about the Geulah, I asked my friend about a good way to bring some of its concepts into my daily life. He introduced a new idea called Geulah day on which one should think about the Geulah and about ways to bring about the Geulah faster. For the past few days I have been learning sichos on previous parshiyos and I would like to share a few points that the Rebbe felt important to teach us.

When the Rebbe ReSHAB was a child, he would go visit his grandfather (The Tzemach Tzedek) during his birthday for a bracha. During one particular birthday, the Rebbe ReSHAB started crying. When the Tzemach Tzedek questioned him on the cause of his crying, he replied: he learned  that Hashem revealed Himself to Avrohom and he was crying because G-d did not reveal himself to him.

The Tzemach Tzedek responded with a enigmatic but profound answer. He said when a jew decides at the age of ninety-nine years old that he has to give himself a bris, that deserves a revelation from Hashem. The Rebbe ReSHAB accepted this answer and stopped crying. The lesson we can take from this is, even though the Rebbe was so young, he was still bothered to the point of tears and therefore proves to us that every jew, no matter the state or time, can force (so to speak) Hashem to reveal himself. Ultimately, the purpose of the Geulah is the revelation of HaShem to everyone in every place. Thus, we see that every jew is important to Hashem and therefore, if we make him proud by doing what’s right, not only will He reveal himself but He will bring about the coming of Geulah right now!

Happy Geulah Day!

Moshiach Now

Have a Good shabbos

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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