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Were Back Again, This Time Greater Than Ever! _Berieshis/Noach!

We are back, I gotta say, what an amazing Tishrie! Not only did I finish the Torah but if you were following every week, it was a group effort! I hope to continue on that note and help to bring about the coming of moshiach speedily in our days.

On Monday I was having a conversation with someone about music. The sounds it makes and the impression it leaves. Once the song ends either you pick up the iPod and listen to it again or you change it. By reviewing the song you can get a greater understanding of each beat. For example the difference between hearing a song for the first time and hearing it the hundredth.

Here we go! Bereishis! Noach! So much content every word and every word can be analyzed into a dvar Torah of it's own. Together it packs a punch like a mega beat drop. Let's start the “song”/Torah again and analyze every week, so we know these songs/lessons with the best understanding possible.

Keep rocking this song cause we aren't finished yet! In order to get the full understanding of a song you gotta listen to it through all of it's intensity, whether it goes up or down. Only then do we understand the every beat and the story it tells.

In the Torah the same applies. Every week we read through a parsha and by doing so, we can understand every lesson that is written there. So continue to join me as we grow to understand and understand to grow! Hopefully then the tunes we analyze are ones of a shofar in the distance! Go the distance and make it count!

Have an amazing shabbos!

Moshiach Now!

All the best!

Avroham Y Ross   

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