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This past Tuesday Wednesday we (my grade) went on a graduation trip. (BH it went well) Not all the time but sometimes on graduation trips some kids get in trouble and get punished. We hope that doesn't happen because its hard to do at least for me to see someone in pain from me.

In this weeks pasha we talk about how if someone does something wrong and laid out there is the punishment. My question is in general why would someone want to hurt someone else. Not punishment wise. My opinion: I would in heartbeat take someone sit the person down and just talk to them. The person is almost guaranteed to come out looking 20 times older and will think a lot  better of him or herself. People DON'T think about it but words can be a weapon or a prize. With HASHEM'S help others and i Will change the world.Need any help let me know.Every new person is a bigger mitzva so please let family and friends in on this Thursday night dvar torah let me know i will add them to the fun.


All the best!

Avroham Y Ross

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