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Unspoken Words! - Devarim

Many times people take for granted each word they say on this world. A song I heard said, how would you live life if it was your last night living? Furthermore the question to ask is what if the next word you speak is the last word you will ever say on this earth? The importance of this topic isn't to talk about the state of depression one should sink to, since each word is possibly his last, but the importance of this topic is to make sure each and every person makes every single word precious and meaningful. With that in place we could all strive not to take each letter which has great importance and power for granted and make them pure.

This week's parsha, Parshas Devarim, a question was asked, why this parsha is unique? The answer is because it is the first portion in a brand new book. One may argue though that each book is full of pure words, why would it matter where the placement is? The answer to that question is that it does not matter. No matter where in the torah every single word is unique and pure. From the beginning of Bereishis to the end of Zos Habracha, as long as the words are part of the journey they are just as important.

Every word is unique, every word has the power to make or break someone's world, and every word needs to be pure so that there is no shame in it being the last. I hope through that, all the words from this minute forward around the world are all about the geulah, which needs to come right now and reunite us with our loved ones so we can continue the greatest conversation of all which is full of torah!

Good shabbos

All The best

Avroham Y Ross

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