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Increasing Love Towards Each other! - Devarim

As we approach Tisha B'av, many wonder what Tisha B’av is all about and what we have to do in order for it to become a yom tov. In parshas Vayikra, Hashem says that a person should not take vengeance or bear a grudge but that they unconditionally love their fellow jew. In the times when the bais hamikdash stood, Hashem saw a lot of baseless hatred so he therefore lifted his protection and allowed us to go into exile.

In this week's parsha, parshas Devarim, Moshe recounts the journeys he had with the jewish people. After the episode with the spies (which itself took place on Tisha B’av), Hashem told the nation that they should reverse course and start traveling back into the desert. When a group jews didn't listen and tried to enter the land anyways, Hashem lifted his protection so that they were massacred.

Our mission this week is to work towards making this Tisha B’av into a yom tov. The way we do that is by increasing our acts of kindness and unconditional love. In this way, we will hopefully bring moshiach right now.

Good shabbos All the best Avroham Y Ross

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