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Unity through the giving of the Torah! - Bamidbar

During the holiday of Shavuos, Hashem opened himself up for a more personal connection with his children through the giving of the Torah. When we study and teach Torah, we can achieve unity with Hashem and klal yisrael as a whole.

In this week's Parsha, we read that the Jewish people camped next to Har Sinai. The posuk says "and he camped" instead of saying "and they camped". This idea indicates a unity and peace that is so powerful that it can make or break a nation. When the people of Noach's time tried to make a tower towards heaven to fight Hashem, the only reason they worked so well together was because they were unified.

Ahavas Yisrael is very attainable and not so difficult. I hope you'll join me in thinking about what we can do towards furthering the love and unity towards one another. Hopefully through the overwhelming love and unity brought about through this Shavuos, we can merit seeing our loved ones very soon!

Good Shabbos

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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