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Turn your life around - Vayeilech

In parshas vayeilech Hashem said that in the future many from the jewish people will stray from the path of Judaism. I feel that this directly connects to nowadays and this generation. Yom kippur being today  I heard a story from the time of the spanish inquisition which may relate. A group marrano's (secret jews) got caught davening one yom tov. When brought in to be killed the queen at the time told one man that she would let him free on condition he would convert fully to Christianity without cheating. To that this man gave up his life by kiddush hashem, because hashem says strongly not to worship any other Gods.

 It takes courage to be a jew and every person in his or her unique way and I am not saying you gotta give your life up to change yourself what i am saying is. Yom kippur is a time of repentance, a time to come back to the route to take that little step from whatever was done, to forgive, forget and try again. With that happening mashiach will be here in no time and we will all be re united with our loved ones.

 Mashiach now 

Good Yom Tov

All the best 

Avroham Y Ross

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