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Time For Change! - Vayeilech

“I have been trying to move this box all afternoon and, it's just too heavy.”

In life we sometimes mistakenly think that we're sick, pathetic, unstable or even that our lives are messed up. The truth is that it's not reality. I’ll give you an example that happened in this week's parsha!

In this week's parsha, Parshas Vayeilech, Avroham had his bris. After the bris, Avroham Avinu was in a lot of pain. The question is, why did he exert himself to invite guests into his tent on a really hot day? The answer I found is very simple. Avroham was always strict about doing the right thing, no matter the circumstance, even when it was mighty painful to do so. He convinced himself there wasn't a lot of pain, and carried on with the mitzva.

In this generation most of us don't have such power. We sometimes have mesiras nefesh, of course, but not to that level. Hashem sometimes makes life challenging, so that we can overcome the challenges, and in that way we own our success. My mission to improve my life starts right now by strengthening one thing at a time until it is good. I hope you join me as we change the world together!

Good Shabbos

Moshiach Now

All The best

Avroham Y Ross

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