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Clear The Space And Try Again!- Haazinu

In less than 12 hours from now, every Jew will be thinking about or actually going to shul for the high holidays! The greatest thing about starting a fresh new year is that we have renewed vitality to make commitments and try new things. If the starting of a new school year didn't motivate you to accomplish what you wanted, try again after Rosh Hashana. As the Lubavitcher Rebbe said, each day is a fresh chance to make commitments, even if the day before did not result in success with that said commitment, keep at it.

This week's parsha is parshas Haazinu. In this parsha we read the farewell address of Moshe. The unique opportunity we see from Moshe passing on the mantle is that Yehoshua, the incoming leader of the jewish people, had a new opportunity to revisit an old goal which wasn't yet completed.

In life, we make commitments and goals in order to increase our life experiences. Sometimes, those goals can’t be completed at that given time and should be revisited at a later time with fresh eyes. Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are that time where life becomes pure and taking steps to complete those goals becomes more realistic. Let us all use this time of opportunity to make the most of life and the experiences it has to offer. Therefore, by this time next year, we won’t even need to imagine golus because we will all be living in Yerushaliam with Moshiach!

Good shabbos, Good Yom Tov

Have a happy, sweet new year!

All the best!

Moshiach Now

Avroham Y Ross

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