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Try hard and don't push it off - Purim

I was thinking a lot this week about pushing things off. For example, I have a school project to do or I have to clean my room today. The answer is always, “I'll wait till later”. I do this a lot, but I am going to find a solution to fix it!

We read today in the Megilla, that Mordechai and Esther worked together to rally the Jewish people against Haman. One of the reasons we won that fight, is that the people didn't push off working for it. When Mordechai came to learn no one said they were too busy on their phones.

I feel the true solution to this issue, is that once a day I will try to devote one thing that I won't push off or skip. For example, every day I have been saying tehillim for Yehoshua ben Nechama Aliza. I started a few months ago going slowly and now it’s concrete in my day!

With that I invite you, Not only to help me with my mission, but to take on something that will help you personally. Ultimately this will lead to the total devotion to whatever you put your mind to, throughout your life.

If I can ask a slight favor from my dear friends. Can you please send me feedback on these emails, so I can continue to get to know my audience and continue in my goal of becoming a better writer.

Good shabbos

Mashiach now

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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