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Keep the fire burning! Tzav/Purim

During Purim there are three mitzvos which charge us with the responsibility to spread love towards others. Whether it's bringing people together in order to hear the Megillah or giving gifts of food or money to the less fortunate, the common denominator is that each mitzvah presents the opportunity for all Jews to come together. However, shortly after Purim ends, that motivation seems to disappear.

In this week's parsha, we read that Hashem commands Moshe to keep the fire on the Mizbeach (alter) burning at all times. One primary reason why the Mizbeach was kept lit was so that someone could burn the Karbonos (Sacrifices) at any point.

The Mizbeach and the Neshama in every person are similar because they both have to stay lit. One with actual fire and the other with a fiery passion to do good. If a person sees that the fire in someone's neshama is not burning as strong, it is our job to use our fire to strengthen theirs. At the end of this Purim, with all the unity and love we display for each other, perhaps we may finally merit the immediate arrival of Moshiach!

Good Shabbos

All the best

Avroham Y Ross

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