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Tiny sparks ignite the essence of the Neshama! - Matos/Masei

This passed week I went out to the streets alone for the first time to put teffilin on people. The amazing thing for me was that I was doing something so simple and making these people while igniting the fire in there soul again.

In this weeks double parsha, parshas masei there is a continuation of the story where the bnie yisroel traveling through the dessert. The bnie yisroel traveled from place to place trying to hopefully one day come to the final destination Yerushaliam.

Life is a journey, a path or a yellow brick road also with a destination. Some days we walk slowly with our heads down, others we speed through with happiness. Of course on some occasions we make a wrong turn and go off the path. Who cares mistakes always happen and hopefully we have a good friend to show us the way back If you don’t have a friend devoted to that try fixing it yourself and as I witnessed this week sometimes the touch of teffilin to the arm can do it!

In life we are in this journey we never know when the destination will come but I know its soon. we have been on this path for many years furthermore the bnai yisroel who went out of egypt they are almost in there destina and just one more push will do it. WE ARE NEAR ALSO. Just one more push will do. The main part is that we do our own avodah and with that hashem will do the rest.

All the best

Have a amazing shabbos

Avroham Y ross

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