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Footsteps In The Sand- Matos/Massei

Imagine walking on the beach. The footsteps in the sand behind you symbolize the journey of your life so far. The untouched sand in front of you symbolizes the journey you are about to start. Although each journey has the same process, everyone has their own personal direction.  Let's continue to make an impact while blazing a trail for others to follow.

This week's double parsha recounts the forty two different points that the Jewish people had along their Middle Eastern tour. Each of our ancestor’s stops along the way were important enough to include. The lesson is that each journey has a different meaning and therefore makes it more important to the story of their lives.

Sometimes, we hear stories of some event in someone's life. They formed a footprint and left a mark that will never be forgotten. The mission this week is to make your footprint as unique and indelible as possible so that, in the near future when moshiach comes, we can all look back on the tracks we made in the sand.

Good shabbos! All the best  Avroham Y Ross

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