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Opening up! - Matos/masei

Recently, I have been meditating on different ways to make being Jewish more meaningful. In the last week, I spoke to someone who pointed out that opening up about personal spiritual experiences can lead to making these articles more meaningful. To be completely honest, opening up about my religious flaws isn't comfortable for me but, in an effort to solve those flaws, I would like to share some thoughts with you and maybe it will help you if your struggling with the same thing.

In this week's parsha, we read about ritual impurity in regards to a pot. If you accidentally mixed milk and meat in a pot, according to Halacha that pot is now not kosher. In order to clean the pot, we need to take something really hot like a blow torch or boiled water and use it to take away the impurity. The idea is that if you have something that's full of impurity, even though it looks impossible to clean, you can take the impurity away.

A person can spend his life imbuing himself with spiritual and physical impurity. Similar to a pot, this person might not look or feel like they have a shot at redemption. However, no jewish person is beyond redemption. Because, no matter our personal thoughts or feelings, Hashem is always with us with love. No matter where you are in life, whether your in the highest or the lowest level, we can always take one moment to connect with Hashem. This way, we can defeat the yetzer hara and bring moshiach today!

Have an awesome week!

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