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The boy who cried wolf! - Nasso

One of the main ideas in living a meaningful life is keeping to the truth. If people can trust that what you are expressing is true than everything else seems to work out. One day a bunch of villagers sent a child to watch the sheep. They gave this kid strict instructions that if he were to see a wolf that he should scream wolf and everyone would come running. So this boy started watching the sheep and got bored so he called Wolf! All the villagers came running to find out that there was no wolf so they explained that you have to be serious. The next few times when he called they became more and more reluctant to come help until one time they didnt even go. This time was the one real time and all the sheep got killed. What do we learn from this?

Parshas Naso says something like this. In the times of the bais hamikdash there was a karbon (offering) brought and this particular one was a guilt offering for dishonesty.

Dishonesty nowadays leads to many things like stealing,hurting E.T.C. This world is dirty enough we don't need more, but if each and every one of you go into our lives and pick out one thing to fix. With this we can bring Moshiach now.

Moshiach Now

all the best

Avroham Y Ross

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