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Thank You - Beshalach

There is a song that i remember my father singing every once in a while. The songs verses are about  kids going on a bear hunt. going over a bridge, through the bridge or under the bridge.

The question is what does a song about bears  mountains and bridges have to do with this weeks Parsha? The  answer is as follows.

In  this weeks Parsha, Parshas Beshalach the Bnai Yisroel get to the edge of the land before the sea. There is water in front of them, they are surrounded by mountains and they cant go back because the Egyptians will kill them. Moshe davens to HASHEM, and HASHEM splits the sea and they walk through dry land in the middle of the water. When  they got  to the other side they praise hashem for what HE did.

when this song is sung the kids are looking for bears and when they come to a bridge they have a decision to make. the decision they make will decide if  they go through it, under it, or over it.  Every thing you do in life will come with a decision, result, and hopefully a praise to HASHEM.

Life is like a road and just like a regular road its going to have bumps in it. The same way a real road is  going to have bumps,  life has decisions to make and not all of them are going to be comfortable for you. we have to remember that everything we do was put there by HASHEM so we should praise him for it.

IY"H we can get together soon to praise HASHEM for bringing us together with the coming of Moshiach.

Moshiach now! Good Shabbos All the best Avroham Y Ross

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